Hours and Rates

Monday thru Saturday 10am to 8pm    

Sunday Closed


  • Swedish Massage    30 min (back) = $50    60 min = $70    90 min = $100

Most common type of massage using gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart.

  • Deep Tissue Massage     60 min $80    90 min $110

Deeper pressure used reaching structures far beneath a Swedish Massage. Beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension.

  • Pregnancy Massage    60 min $80

A massage tailored for the expecting mother.

  • Hot Stone Massage    60 min $80    90 min $110

Stimulates the circulatory system and promotes a deeper relaxation. People with diabetes, heart conditions or those who are pregnant are advised against this type of massage.

  • Couples Massage    60 min $140    90 min $200

With the added comfort of being in the same room, each person has a massage specific to their needs. (Couples romantic in nature, mothers and daughters or just friends.)

  • Chair Massage    10 min $15    20 min $25    30 min $40

A quick way to address tension in the back, shoulders, head and arms.

  • Foot Reflexology    30 min $40    60 min $60 

Foot Reflexology is an ancient Chinese technique using
pressure points to promote homeostasis. It involves application
of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger,
and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion.

  • Foot Detoxing Bath    30 min $20

Our feet are a hard working part of our body. Whether we are walking, chasing kids, working
at a standing desk, wearing high heels, cooking, or any other daily activity, our feet take a beating.
Re-energize the body by eliminating toxins that may be stored within it.
This treatment stimulates the body’s own detoxification.

Spa Packages:

Body/Foot Combo Massage:

30 minute back+30 minute foot = $80.00

60 minute body+30 minute foot = $100.00

90 minute body+30 minute foot = $130.00

  • Chair / Foot Combo Massage 

(10 min chair + 30 min foot) $55
(20 min chair + 30 min foot) $65